Kidney Cancer

Most common in men, kidney cancer, also called renal cancer, can usually be treated successfully if identified early, before it has spread to other organs. Possible causes are numerous, including smoking, obesity, medications, and genetic make-up.

Diagnosis and treatment

As with other cancers, we diagnose and stage kidney cancers using the most current professional guidelines. We perform diagnostic procedures using sonographic and fluoroscopic imaging, as well as many types of biopsies, in our state-of-the-art facility. Our facility is fully accredited for anesthesia, and our anesthesiologists are board-certified.

Our approach is tailored to the individual, and our treatment options and recommendations will always take into consideration a patient’s age, general health, lifestyle and schedule—even particular fears or concerns about treatment outcomes and side effects. Consultations are discrete, in a quiet setting, and follow-up appointments are designed to minimize anxiety, in a friendly, comfortable environment with minimal wait time. When complex initial treatment is warranted, our academic affiliations allow patients access to the Northeast’s top oncology surgeons and radiation treatment centers.